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Yan Yin Phoi

Accredited Practising Dietitian

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 Thoughtful [thawt-fuhl]


  • showing consideration for others; considerate.
  • contemplative; meditative; reflective; mindful.

“If we apply just a little thoughtfulness to even the most minute aspects of our lives, we can break down barriers and achieve so much more.”

My Philosophy

Food can save your life

Everyone deserves the right to good health. With a carefully selected basket of foods that provide the right nutrition for your needs, it can, quite literally, save your life.

Food should be
enjoyed and savoured

Food is very straightforward – a means to nourish our bodies. Unfortunately, it can become complicated when medical conditions or personal struggles limit the types of food we eat. I want to help you rekindle your relationship with food so you enjoy it, while it nourishes you.

Shared and informed
decision making

Decisions we make should be backed up by science and research. With the abundance of information online and scientific evidence that is ever changing, it can become confusing. My goal as a dietitian is to simplify scientific jargon and clarify foggy points, for your benefit.

"If you eliminate what no longer works,
you illuminate what does."

Cheryl Richardson

If you want to use food as a means to turn your life around,
or even just to learn more about what food does to your health, you’ve come to the right place.
I’m your online dietitian. Whether you’re in Singapore, or around the world,
I’m there for you.
Enjoy the journey.


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