How to enjoy holidays without weight gain

Do you feel like you always gain weight after a holiday? You definitely did not intend to. Perhaps the first day, you just had to try something from that street side stall. The following afternoon, you may have booked a dinner reservation at a really famous restaurant. What’s more, that city has two food markets that is planned for the day after and the one…

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5 ways to get children interested in food

This is not an article about how to deal with fussy-eating (even though it may solve some of those problems!) What this article seeks to achieve is to plant a seed of curiousity about food in kids, especially since it’s such a huge part of our lives. I want to improve the relationship your kids have with food, because it teaches them about sustainability, food…

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15 easy to prepare vegetables and tips on cooking your greens

Want to have fresh vegetables every night but find them a hassle to prepare? I used to think that too, until I figured out that there were easy to prepare vegetables that can be cooked in a jiffy, and others that require more tender loving care (read: time). Once I created a list of “fast-to-cook” vegetables, I started picking only those to cook when I…

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4 essential kitchen equipment that makes meal prep faster

This may not be a nutrition-related article, but I think having certain essential kitchen equipment can definitely support you on your journey to preparing healthier food at home. These items help you become a more efficient cook in the kitchen so you can spend less time cooking, and more time eating home-cooked meals with your family and friends. Want to find out other ways to…

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5 ways to spend less time cooking in the kitchen

Always struggle with preparing quick meals after coming home from work? Want to prepare a warm and nutritious home-cooked meal for your family every night, but find that it’s never a reality? Well, let me tell you this. It can be a reality. A lot of times, recipes that promote quick “30-minute meals” work ONLY because systems have already been set up in place. With…

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20 three-ingredient snack ideas for kids

It's 3pm, your child came back from school not long ago and is starving. You have a stash of “healthy” wholemeal biscuits or plain crackers available, but you don’t want to resort to that all the time. You see full-time mums come up with elaborate afternoon tea snacks for their kids on Instagram. Not everyone has the time for that, you think, as you plate…

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