5 foods that are scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol levels

Cholesterol. What a fear inducing word, when it really shouldn’t be. I know some of you out there would dread health check-ups or blood tests lest you happen to discover that your cholesterol levels are sky-high. You know that your GP will then tell you to reduce cholesterol levels by “watching your diet” and “avoiding fatty foods, eggs, and seafood”, or horrors of all horrors…“do…

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How does the Impossible burger fit in a plant-based diet? 10 nutrition facts.

The popularity of a plant-based diet is on the rise. With all the attention that the Impossible burger is getting by the press, food critics, and foodies alike, this vegetarian patty that “bleeds” appears to be a whole different level to vegetarian mock meat and bean patties. Sure, the scepticism that meat eaters have about vegetarian products is still there. But this time, the question…

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Durians: Are they fattening, do they cause diabetes, and other nutrition facts about the “King of fruits”

Durian: the “King of fruits” and one loved by many Singaporeans. I’ve come across too many clients who say they don’t like fruits, but will devour durians when the season comes around. Are durians really fattening? Do they cause diabetes? Are they bad for your cholesterol? What are they made of exactly, and…are they really that bad? Read on, so you know what you’re actually…

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