Nutrition facts of chicken breast: Benefits to health and ways to cook it

What are the basic nutrition facts of chicken breast?At a glance, skinless chicken breast is a good source of protein and is low in fat, making it a great choice as a lean protein.It is a quite neutral in flavour compared to other proteins. This makes it popular in many cuisines, from Chinese Kung Pao chicken to Southern fried chicken, Spanish Arroz con Pollo to…

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Ask the dietitian – How can I make healthy meal delivery choices?

Meal delivery services are here to stay. They are convenient, and free up precious time for us to do the things we love. However, they are not always good for our health or our waistline. Fret not though, for you can make healthy meal delivery choices by following these tips! 1. Always try to create balance in your meals There’s no other way to eat…

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Ask the dietitian #1: Is pork fat nutritious?

So, I received this question a few weeks ago from a reader. He asked “Is pork fat nutritious?”, based on an article published a while ago where pork fat was announced to be “one of the top 10 most nutritious food in the world”.Is pork fat nutritious? What a great question, considering that I’ve been asked about that article a few times since it gained…

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Difference between tomato puree vs paste (and other tomato-based foods)

Have you ever looked at recipe that calls for both tomato puree and tomato paste, and wondered what on earth is the difference between tomato puree vs paste? You then head to the supermarket, and while you see cans labelled "tomato puree" and "tomato paste", you also cans of “peeled plum tomato”, “chopped tomato”. There are also rows upon rows of tomato-based pasta sauces. What’s…

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5 foods that are scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol levels

Cholesterol. What a fear inducing word, when it really shouldn’t be. I know some of you out there would dread health check-ups or blood tests lest you happen to discover that your cholesterol levels are sky-high. You know that your GP will then tell you to reduce cholesterol levels by “watching your diet” and “avoiding fatty foods, eggs, and seafood”, or horrors of all horrors…“do…

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