How to enjoy holidays without weight gain

Do you feel like you always gain weight after a holiday? You definitely did not intend to. Perhaps the first day, you just had to try something from that street side stall. The following afternoon, you may have booked a dinner reservation at a really famous restaurant. What’s more, that city has two food markets that is planned for the day after and the one…

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5 ways to get children interested in food

This is not an article about how to deal with fussy-eating (even though it may solve some of those problems!) What this article seeks to achieve is to plant a seed of curiousity about food in kids, especially since it’s such a huge part of our lives. I want to improve the relationship your kids have with food, because it teaches them about sustainability, food…

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15 easy to prepare vegetables and tips on cooking your greens

Want to have fresh vegetables every night but find them a hassle to prepare? I used to think that too, until I figured out that there were easy to prepare vegetables that can be cooked in a jiffy, and others that require more tender loving care (read: time). Once I created a list of “fast-to-cook” vegetables, I started picking only those to cook when I…

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Pasta sauce, canned tomato, tomato ketchup and more: Differences you should be aware of

Have you been to the supermarket, strolled down the pasta aisle to pick out some ready-made pasta sauce, only to be stumped by the variety of sauces available to you? What’s the difference between “Traditional Italian” and “Marinara Italian”? When it says “Bolognese with red wine”, is there really red wine in there? Further down the aisle, you may see cans of “peeled plum tomato”,…

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5 foods that are scientifically proven to reduce cholesterol levels

Cholesterol. What a fear inducing word, when it really shouldn’t be. I know some of you out there would dread health check-ups or blood tests lest you happen to discover that your cholesterol levels are sky-high. You know that your GP will then tell you to reduce cholesterol levels by “watching your diet” and “avoiding fatty foods, eggs, and seafood”, or horrors of all horrors…“do…

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